DIY Orthodontics?

With the promise of low fees and simplicity, many do-it-yourself direct to consumer “teeth straightening companies” have gained recent popularity.

The perceived benefits are that DIY orthodontic treatment can be less expensive than what you would pay an orthodontist with results in six months, all without seeing a family dentist to check your teeth or an orthodontist to plan your treatment.

Moving teeth is a biological process that applies forces to the bone that anchor your teeth. Unsupervised DIY orthodontics can cause irreversible damage to the health of teeth.

DIY orthodontic companies do not take or evaluate X-rays of your teeth or even guarantee that an orthodontist is planning treatment.

DIY orthodontic companies do not guarantee that an orthodontist is creating your treatment plan.

Diagnosis and treatment planning are some of the most important and complex aspects of orthodontic treatment.

Before considering DIY orthodontics, talk to an orthodontist. An orthodontist will have your mouth’s entire health in mind.

You don’t have to Do-Orthodontic-Treatment-Yourself!

Hoppens & Meier Orthodontics offer affordable orthodontic treatment plans for children and adults that can meet every patient’s unique needs and provide the exceptional supervision required to achieve a healthy happy smile to last a lifetime.

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