Patients with Special Needs

Committed to Compassionate Care

Individuals with Special Needs should know that orthodontic treatment is an option for nearly anyone regardless of the type of special needs.

Drs. Hoppens and Meier know from a personal perspective how creating an appropriate individualized orthodontic treatment plan including dentofacial orthopedics improved the facial symmetry, facial aesthetics, bite/jaw alignment, and speech intelligibility of an immediate family member with Special Needs, a son/brother, who was born with  Down syndrome.

A Team of Specialists

Dr. Hoppens is the orthodontist member of two craniofacial teams that cover Nebraska, located in North Platte and Lincoln. These teams are comprised of multiple healthcare specialists that meet several times per year to examine and formulate comprehensive treatment for children who have cleft lip and palate, as well as numerous other less common birth defects affecting mainly the head and face. Plans for each patient are then created as a guide for parents, schools, family dentists, and family physicians, and include other diagnostic tests that each individual may need. The team of specialists’ approach helps ensure that each child has the best chance to reach their full potential as they become young adults.

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